How to differentiate types of shrimp


How to differentiate types of shrimp.

  • Shrimp is a rich source of nutrients, so it is often used to prepare attractive dishes. Therefore, this type of seafood has gradually become familiar in the meals of many families. In 100 grams of prawn provide 18.4 grams of protein and content vitamin B12, this is considered a compound involved in the body’s energy metabolism, plays an important role in protein and fat synthesis. Not only that, the meat and crayfish also contain a lot of iron and calcium, providing many essential nutrients for the body.
  • If you are a foodie, prawn is your favourite dish, then do not ignore the below information about popular types of prawn on the Vietnamese market.
  • 1. Tom Dat – Greasyback shrimp

  • As a freshwater shrimp living naturally in rivers, ponds, and lakes so greasyback shrimp is less fishy and has an elongated body, smaller than marine shrimp, the size of greasyback shrimp is like the size of an adult’s little finger.
  • This type of shrimp has a thin shell and light pink colour.
  • Because it is the type od shrimp living in the fresh water, so it contains a lot of nutrients and natural sweetness. Therefore, it is a main ingredient for fried shrimp dishes, spring roll, …
  • 2. Tom Sat – Spear Shrimp

  • Also being in marine shrimp, as its name implies, spear shrimp has a hard shell, the belly is dark orange, and the back is divided into many coloured segments with alternating black and white, blue.
  • When eating this shrimp, we must remove the shell because it is quite hard to eat but the meat is very flavour.
  • In Vietnam, spear shrimp is found in many areas such as from Cat Ba to Dien Chau Bay, from Vung Tau to Da Bac.
  • 3. Tom Su – Black Tiger Prawn

  • Black tiger prawn is a type of marine prawn, this is considered one of the seafood with high economic value, so it is popularly cultured in many countries around the world. Black tiger prawn is quite large, one is about 36cm long and can weigh up to 650g.
  • Depending on the water level, food, and turbidity so the colour of this prawn shell varies. From green, brown, red to grey. The back of one is alternating blue and yellow. The shell of this prawn is quite thick, so when used to prepare grilled dishes, it will keep the freshness of the meat inside.
  • 4. Tom Cang Xanh – Giant river prawn

  • Giant tiger prawn, also known as oriental river prawn, usually lives in freshwater environments such as rivers, ponds, or lakes. In Vietnam, this type of prawn usually lives mainly in the Mekong Delta areas. As its name suggests, giant river prawn has two very long and turquoise green prawn pincers. When grown, this prawn can be up to 30cm long and weigh about 1kg.
  • When eating giant river prawn, the meat is sweet and slightly chewy. With a fairly large size, it is often used to decorate dishes in parties or family meals.
  • 5. Tom The – White- legged shrimp

  • White-legged shrimp are cultured shrimp, living in freshwater environment. This type of shrimp is milky white, and the pincers and antennae are slightly yellow in colour.
  • The lower abdomen of the shrimp has six elongated segments and is small in size, so it is popularly sold in markets and supermarkets. Like other types of freshwater shrimp, the thin-shelled white shrimp should be used to cook soup, fry or steam.
  • 6. Tom He – Green tiger prawn

  • Unlike the hard shell, the big head of black tiger prawns; Green tiger prawn has a very thin, soft shell and a smaller head.
  • The body is smooth and green tail. When steamed, the prawn has a very beautiful pink colour, peel off the shell to reveal the white and pink flesh and many have red brick, so they look very eye-catching and attractive.
  • For that reason, they are often used by restaurants to prepare and decorate dishes.
  • 7. Lobster:

  • Because of the toned meat and characteristic sweet taste, lobster is given a beautiful name by many foodies as "king" of seafood.
  • Not only delicious, but lobster also contains higher amounts of omega-3 compared to other types of prawn. There are many types of lobster, but there are four popular types: ornate spiny lobster, baby lobster, Painted spiny lobster, and bamboo lobster.
  • The most common way to cook with lobsters is grilled lobster with salt and chilli, steamed lobster with beer, or stir- fried.
  • 8. Tom Tich – Mantis shrimp

  • Mantis shrimp is a type of marine shrimp, usually living in warm water like the Pacific Ocean. In Vietnam, mantis shrimp often appear in the Central Coast.
  • Shrimp has a different shape from other shrimps, the belly is like shrimp but more like mantis.
  • Prawns can change their colour from brown to green, light pink, black, and some can even luminesce.


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